The shirt

  • Wide crewneck collar
  • Long sleeves
  • 100% interlock combed cotton


  • Hand dyed kasuri Seigaiha セイガイハ from Kamawanu, Tokyo
  • The waves means succes and longevity
  • Laser-cut kimono put together on the orginal garment with a thermo gluing process

Sweater made and assemble in France
Boras is 1.77 m / 5.8 ft and wear a L
The sweater is also suitable for women (Alison is 1.62m / 5.3 ft and wear a M)

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The body will be composed of 21 white stripes twice larger than the other 20 to 21 indigo blue stripes. In March 27th, 1858 a decree law was been writen to inform about the new french navy outfit, it describes in detail the garment that will be worn by an ordinary seaman as well as a leading seaman underneath their pea jacket.

The width and the number of stripes on the sleeves, collar measurement, everything is listed within a military mindset. This stripped top was created in order to identify a sailor that would have fallen into the sea or while doing dangerous manoeuvres.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 10 cm






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