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  • Genuine tight-fitting solid sailor sweater
  • Re-meshed crewneck
  • Buttoned on the left shoulder with four natural corozo buttons
  • Straight edge hemline


  • Kasuri cotton kimono Shoseigara ショセイガラ has been bought in an antique market in Tokyo
  • “Shosei” means author. This kimono was very popular for writers
  • Laser-cut kimono put together on the orginal garment with a thermo gluing process

Sweater made and assemble in France
Boras is 1.77 m / 5.8 ft and wear a 3

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The sailor sweater is, along with the oilskin, a clothing accessory that smells of the sea, the spray, and possibly a few capricious Breton summers. The knit is tighter to insulate better and make this wool garment – which we can also call a “chandail” in French, by a curious linguistic shift – waterproof.

This may be linked to the “Johnnies”, the Breton fishermen or peasants who crossed the English Channel to sell garlic and onions to the British. It is because they sometimes walked in the streets shouting : “Marchand d’ail” (“Garlic merchant”) that their wool garment was ultimately baptized “chandail” in reference to their moving sales technique.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 10 cm






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