Repair Service

First of all, you need to understand that the repair will depend on what is damaged on your denim

1 – About Denim scratch

We built durable qualitative and timeless Japan made denims. Those workwear pieces are durable but they are not invulnerable; your denims will fade, get scratched, get tear but will never die.

Don’t throw it away, repair it!

We are working with repair specialists that we make all your favorite denim pieces living longer.


SUPERSTICH – Paris, France
11 rue Parent de Rosnan 75016, Paris


SAHSIKODENIM – Haarlem, Netherlands

2 – About Tape issue & Kimono pocket

Most of phi denims are made with a pocket made of a kimono. All those kimonos are full of history but they are also second hands and made with cotton, silk or hemp. This part of our denims are much more fragile than the denim fabric and might get scratched or get tear before the main fabric.
We can repair or replace your kimono pocket and give a second life and style to your denim.

Don’t throw it away, repair it!


PHI. DENIM – Lyon, France
Contact us by full filling the repair form at the bottom of this page

Please see how we proceed:

Please, wash your denim before the repair (if it’s dirty)

Unstitch and unglue


Select one of our available kimono


The kimono pocket is lined with a denim piece


Stitch the pocket
and glue the new tape


Repair prices

Before repair expedition cost: your responsibility

Repair Patch Taped glue Tape replacement Kimono replacement
Price 10€ 10€ 20€ From 40€ (depending of the kimono you choose)

Expedition cost FR : 8€ / Expedition cost EU : 15€ / Expedition cost WD : 25€

Before repair expedition cost: our responsibility

Contact us by full filling the repair form

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