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  • 14oz unsanforized Denim Relaxed
  • Tapered fit
  • Red and Black edge finish
  • Doubled Kimono pocket for reinforcement
  • Reinforced with copper rivets
  • Stitch points
  • Silk screen signature
  • Individually numbered denim
  • Limited series to 12 copies


  • Pocket taken from a coton kimono katazome Kixtukou ni Kiku キッコウにキク bought in Tokyo
  • This katazome is made of « Kixtukou » that means “tortoiseshell”. Tortoise were considered having a long life, over 10 000 years; this pattern means “profitable life”. In addition, this kimono has been ornamented with a “kiku” that means “chrysanthemum” which is symbolically the sun. In Japan, we consider that the perfect arrangement of its petals represent the perfection. This pattern means “long and healthy life”
  • Doubled Kimono pocket for reinforcement
  • Kimono pocket reinforced by a band of bonded laser denim fabric

The mannequin is 1.80 m / 5.9 ft and wear a 30×34

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