• 16oz sanforized indigo denim from COLLECT, Okayama prefecture
  • 100% cotton slub yarns and selvage denim woven by a vintage machine: Shuttle Loom
  • Regular fit
  • Light red edge finish
  • Doubled Kimono pocket for reinforcement
  • Reinforced with copper rivets
  • Stitch points
  • Silk screen signature
  • Individually numbered denim Kimono pocket reinforced by a band of bonded laser black cotton tape


  • Tsugihagi: Pocket made with kimono offcuts, Tsugihagi つぎはぎ.
  • “Tsugihagi” literally means repair with multiples patch but in the Japanese culture, and especially those last years, the « Mottainai » spirit is more and more present. This is the idea of the respect of the sacred nature as well as the respect of the object ; the gratitude that must be shown for natural resources.
  • This spirit has been ordered after second world war when Japan was low in natural ressources. Each goods, objects were saved up in order to last as long as possible.
  • We are building those pockets with all indigo kimonos offcuts we have since we started our denim project. Thus all those pockets will be slightly different but always in the same spirit of Mottainai.
  • We assemble those items on demand in France. Thus there is shipment delay of 1 to 2 weeks.

The mannequin is 1.80m / 6.2ft and 80kg and is wearing a 32×34.
We recommand to take your usual size or one size under the PHI01 you are used to.

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Rugged cotton yarn; stitch points; using so-called invisible copper rivets to strengthen the pockets; English seams at the crotch for greater resistance against movements; cotton twill button fly, with copper bottons; all these items meet our standard of authenticity.

The design of the back right pocket combines the technologies of laser cutting and bonding film. Precision cuts and pure assembly, ensures a timeless and unique signature style.

Purement and simply hand made in Okayama/Japan. Each jean is signed by those who made them for you.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 10 cm

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